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How I can help

Adolescents are usually both excited and apprehensive about the prospect of college. Parents are often at a loss how to help them effectively.  And the application process seems impenetrable and laden with emotion to the whole family.  In a recent year approximately 25% of college-bound students turned to an educational consultant for expert guidance.


Here are some of the ways I can help:

College selection

Zero in on colleges that are a good match for your unique talents and your family's budget. Save time and money by visiting appropriate campuses. Reduce family stress by understanding and streamlining the process. Build a well researched college list now to lay the groundwork for terrific choices when acceptances arrive later.​

Planning and coaching

Plan junior and senior year to set yourself up for success. Develop confidence in your ability to make your own decisions about your own future.  Learn some time management and planning techniques while mastering the college application process.   

Jumping through (test) hoops
Reduce test anxiety.  Focus on reaching your realistic score.  Treat standardized tests as a hoop to jump through, saving time, money and energy for more interesting pursuits.  Learn to be your own best test-prep tutor. Consider the ACT as well as the SAT.   
Getting personal
Find out what makes a personal essay appealing to a college admissions officer. Brainstorm topics and select yours with confidence. Develop your authentic voice.  Benefit from the ear and eye of an experienced editor. 
Apply yourself
Parents, step out of the firing line at application time. Minimize the need to nag. Trust an expert to coach your son or daughter through completing the Common Application.  Conserve your energy and emotions for supporting your adolescent in countless other ways. 
Hooks and other pointed advice
Understand what's possible and realistic for athletic recruiting. Learn which colleges want musicians and artists.  Find out where boys are sought after and how girls can stand out.   Benefit from my extensive knowledge base and experience, gathered through conferences, research, campus visits and networking with college admissions professionals. 
Paying for college

Get the financial aid you are entitled to.  Understand the need-based formulas for private and public colleges and universities.  Be savvy about merit aid.   Reduce your tuition bill through exploring best-buy colleges. Establish a "financial anchor school" on your college list.  Base your investment on reliable information. 

Go global

Consider internationally recognized undergraduate options in England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. Be adventurous, benefit from travel, and love the cultural experiences.  Buck the trend and save the bucks! A win-win option for all.

Accommodations: beyond dorm rooms

Factor your own personal challenges into your college search. Set yourself up for success by applying to supportive colleges. Understand how to plan for and request disability accommodations.  Learn how disability law differs for high school vs college, and how privacy laws differ for teens vs young people over 18.  Think now about the transition and weave a safety net of professionals for when you are away from home. 

Second time around

Transfer to a school with that special something. Learn from your experience first time around and from your hard won  insights.  Take your future into your hands and don't look back. 

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