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Comprehensive college service

A full-service package for students and their parents who want an expert guide through the college admissions maze.   Starting as early as sophomore year and continuing through the end of senior year, I provide ample advising for both student and parents. Meetings take place over Zoom with frequent email or phone communication in between. 


                                                                                                                  Services cover:

     The goal is to attend and graduate from a college that  is a great match academically, socially and financially.


  • standardized test planning

  • making sense of changes to the SAT and ACT

  • high school course selection 

  • transcript assessment

  • extra-curricular review

  • summer program recommendations

  • whole student assessment

  • personalized college list

  • timeline 

  • teacher recommendations

  • campus visits

  • interview preparation

  • Early Decision and Early Action

  • essay coaching

  • financial issues

  • merit aid

  • LD and emotional challenges

  • music and arts supplement

  • sports recruitment


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