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18 thru 25 services


     "It was a great pleasure to hand over responsibility for my son's transfer application to Rachel. I could let go and play a supporting role in the process while trusting that an expert was there collaborating with my son and overseeing his application and essay."  

                        -- Kate, Brooklyn Heights parent​


support @ college

It's one thing to get in to college.  It's something else altogether to complete college successfully!  The average rate of completion in 4 years is 38%. In 6 years it's just under 60%.  

For many students the transition is jarring -- you are expected to have adult skills such as recognizing which emails are important, navigating the bureaucracy of registering for classes, managing your budget, and so on.  

​I can work with you while you are at college to supplement the school's advising program, support you with decision making and time management, and generally have your back.  I use phone, Skype and email.  And for students at college in NYC, we can also meet in person.  

My goal is to help you make best use of the offices available at your college (advising for major, career planning, internship placement, etc.) and then help you use outside resources to maximize your opportunities.  

disability support

No-one goes into the college application process with the idea that they may transfer later on.  But sometimes you know that the college you have landed at is just not right for you.  

I work with young adults who want to transfer, advising on the process, helping identify places to target, and giving feedback for positioning yourself to be a successful  applicant. 

      "Rachel helped me navigate the difficult application process and she got me organized so I could figure out what I really wanted. She provided critical feedback that helped me craft the perfect essay, in a manner that was constructive and supportive."  

-Will L., transferred from Lewis & Clark to Brown ('13)


late bloomers

I offer support for young people with disability challenges who are searching for a good-fit college, adjusting to the higher education framework of accommodations, and working on a successful transition to college.

Some of my students have IEPs and are in supportive programs or high schools.   Some have learning disabilities, are on the autism spectrum or are dealing with anxiety and other emotional challenges.

I can help balance the need to identify colleges that will support you with  the interests and experiences that you are important to you in your college search.

I also offer interview coaching and mock interviews.  

Maybe you decided not to go to college right away, or you tried it and decided it wasn't for you.  If you are re-visiting this decision in your twenties, I can help you identify and apply to colleges that fit your goals, now that these are more defined and based on experience.

Many schools are a good fit for slightly older college students. By-and-large this group is very successful at college.


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