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Oxford-educated, former New York Times senior manager, freelance editor.  Holistic college admissions adviser combining a drive towards excellence, empathy for each unique student and an international outlook.


Merit Aid


A burning topic for most families is college affordability. Understanding "merit aid" and identifying colleges where you may be eligible for some can help you breathe easier. Here are some handy resources.   


The New York Times's sortable list from a few years ago is very popular.  Wish they would update it!


Princeton Review's blog In has some helpful explanations, scene setting and  ... more links.


Kiplinger has sortable lists for good-value private universities, liberal arts colleges and public schools.  For the first two, sort on the fields for non-need-based aid.  For public schools,  anyone know of a database showing test scores and/or grades that can qualify you for merit aid at various institutions? I'd love to link to it, if so.


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"Rachel became our son's wise coach, there in every way for his best interests. She helped him to advocate for himself."

                -- Parent of Peter.  Dalton '10, Brown '14 (Early Decision)




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